Our Services


Whether you need market landscape analysis, localization strategies, supply chain navigation or licensing support – we have the in-depth capabilities to save you time and money. Trusted by leading corporations, governments and private investors, we enable informed expansion decisions and operational excellence.

Market Entry Strategy

Embarking on expansion into unfamiliar emerging markets is filled with complexity. Without the right entry strategy, your chances of gaining traction are slim. We provide the foundational analysis to optimize your beachhead market selection, go-to-market positioning, pivotal partnerships and more. With decades navigating global frontiers, our experts identify market gaps, fine-tune positioning, and formulate actionable market development plans tailored to your offering. Avoid missteps and expedite execution with bespoke strategic guidelines for your next move.

Industry Analysis

How well do you really understand your target Eastern industry trends, levers and nuances? Through an extensive competitor analysis and benchmarking, our team paints a 360-degree view of the addressable landscape. From customer archetypes and buyer journeys to price thresholds and channel ecosystem mapping – we highlight key differences and opportunities to consider. For instance, the price-consciousness of retail consumers in Africa may warrant more emphasis on a low-cost offering. With such insights, you can optimize products, messaging and partnerships for winning outcomes.

Partnerships & Licensing

Forging alignments with trusted local partners can make or break market success. Through our extensive on-the-ground network across emerging regions, we identify, vet and support partnership formation with reliable counterparts. This provides the reputational legitimacy and operational infrastructure to hit the ground running. With diligent evaluation, we assess cultural fit, capabilities, and transparency to mitigate downstream risks. We further advise on licensing and regulatory navigation to ensure full compliance and IP protection. Having spearheaded over 50 global partnership deals, we offer invaluable deal guidance so you can focus on delivering value.

Supply Chain Navigation

Inefficiencies in emerging market supply chains and logistics can severely impact timelines and profitability if not aptly managed. We support end-to-end navigation – from locating vetted suppliers and manufacturers to streamlining shipping and inventory coordination. With long-established relationships and connections, we identify optimal players across the value chain to plug into. We further offer import/export regulation guidance and warehouse set up facilitation. The result is maximized efficiency, cost savings and ensured quality control across your upstream product flows.

Localization Support

Too often organizations underestimate localization needs which hinders adoption. From brand naming to packaging colors to hiring norms – regional adaptation is key. Our localization support includes office layout recommendations, HR process streamlining, admin infrastructure set up and more to seamlessly embed your operations into the surrounding ecosystem. With aligned branding, messaging and customer engagement you gain trust and resonance. We essentially become your outsourced emerging market launch experts to do it right the first time.

Risk & Compliance Audits

Staying atop changing regulations and protecting brand integrity are perennial priorities when expanding overseas. Our team keeps tabs on ongoing policy shifts, conducts due diligence on potential partners, and examines vulnerabilities. We check that licensing and IP safeguards are held to standard through regular audits and monitoring. With ears on the ground tracking reputational threats, we proactively guide reputation management across markets. This prevents compliance missteps or damaging incidents. In essence, we offer ongoing oversight for risk mitigation and assurance of standards upkeep – allowing you to focus on execution.